Monday, June 21, 2010

"You know, people underestimate the value of a good ramble."

I’m unsure (and frankly too lazy to look up) if I’ve discussed the fact that I started a small book club, but I have. I’ve decided to describe it as the non-lame, totally awesome, no-Oprah-allowed book club.

Basically, as you may imagine, this isn’t your mother’s book club.

We’ve done our first book with moderate success (about a week late and still no meeting). In case anyone was wondering, I’ve avoided reviewing the book on here simply because two of my supposed readers (love you guys :P) are part of this club and I didn’t want to spoil anything.

Anyways, in my very roundabout way, I bring you to the subject of my blog post: I was looking up various options for our next reading on Amazon at work earlier today and stumbled across “The Book of Awesome”.

Now that’s a title that can grab you.

I had seen it in various book stores and online but never really read what it’s about. Basically it stemmed from a little blog (how sweet would it be if this eventually turned into that---ah, to dream) about this one dude writing 1,000 little things that make their life awesome. Things that you wouldn’t normally think of, like the elevator being on the floor when you push the button, sleeping in new sheets or barbeque lighters.

I thought it was pretty cute idea. I mean, there are plenty of little things that both make our break our day that we never seem to acknowledge or really think of. But why stop there? This blog is titled ‘Bitter is the new Black’ after all. Why not add a couple of those things that really can push us over the edge. Straw, camel, back--you get the idea.

So without further ado...

10 things that make my life a little brighter and less angry.

1. Lovely customers.

Customers in generally are the type of things (fine, I guess they’re people) that can make or break a day. Anyone who has worked in the customer service field can definitely attest to that statement. Funny thing is that generally all it takes is one good customer in your day to make all the small, annoying ones obsolete. Note: I said, the small ones. Giant assholes on the other hand...

There was one customer (actually, to be honest and confused the hell out of you, he was my customer’s customer) at my work who ended up emailing me with a problem with their transaction. Not only was he super responsive and patient, but the fact he called me sweetheart and a delight (in a non-creepy way) made me feel a little special. Not only that, but he honestly and absolutely was genuine about thanking me for my work--despite it being something that kinda resolved itself.

On the opposite side I busted my ass for another customer of a hot shot company and barely got a thank you. To say I was less than impressed was an understatement.

2. Fast-forwarding through commercials.

Whoever invented this should win a Nobel peace prize. 

3. The moment before you settle in for the perfect night inside by yourself.

I will not deny the fact that I’m generally a tv whore. I will not even deny the fact that aside from the last couple of months I’m the biggest homebody out there. I of course, love spoiling myself. 

And despite conquering these “vices” there is nothing that can compete with the feeling of settling in at home by yourself, readying the (god-sent) PVR for a new episode of your favourite tv show.

Except maybe if you also had your favourite take-out food and maybe something girlie going on.

It’s hard to do it right now during the summer when tv land is a bit scarce on new episodes of--well anything, but during the regular run there is nothing that beats the moment before you turn on your favourite show and take your first bite of your take out. If you happen to be pampering yourself with painting your nails or a facial, all the more for happiness.

4. PJs right from the dryer.

My favourite clothing is probably my PJs. I love them. If I had more room I’d probably have more varieties and like my friend M, a closet dedicated to just PJs. So probably the only thing that can improve on these comfy pieces of awesome is making them warm.

You may scoff but the next time it’s kinda gross out. It’s Vancouver, it’s not exactly hard for the weather to be gross. Stick your pjs in the dryer for about 10 minutes--enough that they’re warm and then slide them on. It’s even better if they’re fresh pjs to begin with.

Warm laundry ftw.

5. When they play your favourite/old favourite song on the radio.

In this day and age when you have an ipod that holds hundreds upon hundreds of songs all at your fingertips...

I will admit to being a little spoiled.

I mean, it’s never hard to pull up your favourite song of the moment. Flick through your list and boom, instant gratification.

Radios are a little different.

You really have no control of them so it makes it all that more special when they play your favourite song. You turn the volume up a bit, you sing along. Even songs that you forgot about or skip when you can have them at any time are suddenly a little more rocktastic than what you remember. The beat is better, the song catchier, the singer sexier. Songs that you long forgot, you’re suddenly singing along with like you wrote the lyrics.

It puts that little bounce back in your step.

6. Flirting with that cute boy, knowing it wont go anywhere.

7. That article of clothing that makes you feel sexy.

I don’t know about everyone else but there are a couple of things that just make me feel like pure sex: my skinny jeans (a new addition) and any boot with a heel.

My swagger comes out.

My stride is a little more confident.

Head is held a little higher.

You can take on the world in these things.

From the moment you slip them on you notice a change. Your body feels different. Maybe you’re a little skinnier. Maybe your boobs get pushed out a little more. There’s a coy smile on your lips, a hidden secret. Confidence has always been something that’s alluded me. So when those days come along, when the swagger comes out, the sun’s a little brighter, the cute boy is checking -me- out... well, it’s not hard to figure out but those days make it like everything else is just falling into place.

8. Finishing something.

Whether it’s the crossword, your nails, a new blog post, a job at work... being able to finally close something--especially when it’s something that you’ve put a lot of effort into, it extremely satisfying.

9. Finding out that the thing you wanted is on sale.

You wanted it. Now finding out it’s cheaper? Hell yes. 

10.  Unexpected compliments.

I love these. To me, these are the things that just come out of the blue. Whether it's from someone you wouldn't expect, or maybe just not something you thought anyone noticed. Not only does it feel good to see someone recognize your work/outfit/cute smile, but the fact that it catches you by surprise just doubles the awesome.

Honorable mentions: pre-foamed soap, bubbles and a mouthful of caramel.

5 Things that make me want to punch people in the face.

1. People who stand in the way.

I could say ignorant people or people who are just completely self involved but we'd be here all day. 

But seriously? How can you just stand at the top of a flight of stairs on your cellphone and either just don't care or are too stupid to realize that hi, maybe people would also like to go down those stairs. To the exit. Of a busy skytrain.

Shocking, I know. 

Same goes for those people who need to take up the entire sidewalk. Guess what? There's more than just you out on the sidewalks, especially busy ones and we'd like to get to our destinations at some point in the next few days. Much appreciated if you could get the hell out of the way.

2. Getting your lips ready for something and having it not turn out the way you wanted.

This can be anything, but generally when you have a craving for something. You've built it up in your mind. You've been waiting for it all day. Your mouth is watering. You remember how delicious it was last time. You've been told how awesome it is.

Then it comes and you're like? This is it?

Whether you couldn't make that special meal. Someone else took the last one or simply that it didn't taste like how you remembered...

Nothing can annoy and disappoint me quite like that.

3. Getting lost.

I may fall into the stereotypical "man" in this sense but I HATE asking for directions. I'm stubborn and I like being able to do at least one thing on my own. Therefore getting lost/looking like an idiot generally makes my blood boil like nothing else.

4. Waiters who touch you.

I get why they do it but we just met. Personal bubble. 

Look it up.

5. That awesome sweater/pant/dress isn't in your size.

Being a bigger girl it's hard enough to shop to find things that are flattering and fit. Girls who are anywhere from a size 6-8 have no problem. If you're a size 0, even better. However, being a girl who has any type of chub on her and well there goes half your shopping destinations.

Add to the fact that it takes a very certain style/cut and even pattern to make you look even a little good, styles get cut down.

So it's even more disappointing when you find that cute little top/dress/pant and guess what? Yet again, not in your size.

Dishonorable mention: coughing.

So yeah, it's easy to see that your day ends up in a series of checks and balances. Sometimes that little thing like the Starbucks girl upgrading your drink from grande to venti that can make your day. Other times it's just that one red light that prevents you from making it out on time. 

Everyone has them. Maybe we just need to remember that it's the small things that are important.

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