Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm all dressed up with you

Warning: Yes, I realize that this post is a little late seeing as the original episode aired several weeks ago. Unfortunately I haven't really had time to watch the episodes (the auditions always bore me anyways) so I took the opportunity on a lazy Sunday to catch up.

I have loved So You Think You Can Dance since I first watched Benji's audition way back in season 2. Sure, there's been some hate (*cough*season3*cough*) and there's been some--well, honestly? A lot of love, however SYTYCD has consistently been one of the best--if not, the best, reality show on television today.

From the host, Cat (who I adore, and wish I had her legs and could probably do a whole post just dedicated to her awesomeness), to the judges to the dances. There's so much to love. However, like American Idol, there is a rather dull and generally useless audition sequence that lasts approximately 3-4 episodes or so.

Generally, like Idol, there's way too much of the less talented dancers and sob stories and just plain attention seekers. Thankfully, the judges do not hesitate to rip them to pieces. 

Sure, some people may get off on this, but I for one just cringe in embarrassment and hide behind my hands. Thus I haven't really been watching the auditions since that 2nd season due to this fact but I thought that with SYTYCD returning that I'd man up and actually watch the auditions--well, with maybe a -little- help of TiVo. ;)

And hell, I'm so glad I did because of this kid, Teddy Tedholm.

Due to the fact that I never really watch the auditions I believe I missed his original audition last season, however this one just blew me away. I cannot even explain why he's so good (I'd never claim to "get" contemporary dance). I like what I like and this... this just moved me.

It was about half way through where I felt tears down my face--and I'm not typically -that- girl. I'm the one who fast-forwarded the whole "cancer dance," I'm the girl who rolled her eyes at Mia's "dead father" dance. Yes, I'm a horrible person and I have a window seat on my trip to hell. However this? This had me in tears. Had goosebumps down my arms and unfortunately I couldn't tell you why. The only thing I can really say is that there's such a raw, openness and vulnerability that's he can dance with. It's pure amazing and I'm so jealous and in awe that he can just put so much of that and of himself, out there. 

Just watch.

*blogger's note: at 0:34 with his feet. Oh my god. My favourite move in the whole piece. So powerful and moving.

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