Sunday, June 13, 2010

Holy Tyra-make-over Batman!

As you can probably see I did a little re-vamp. Figures that as soon as I even remotely start playing with the idea of going to Squarespace, they come up with a way to make things more pretty.

Cause I’ll be honest, I’m kinda all about the pretty.

Squarespace looks like an amazing service and I’d honestly have no problem signing up and paying for it---if I had something more than a part-time blog that no one really reads.

Anyways, things are bigger, brighter and hopefully a little more pretty for the eyes. I’ll throw out a question (although no one really comments) “out into the void” as someone described it to me once.

What do you think? Better with the brighter and supposedly more me-like? Or shall we go back to the emo-darkness? I’ll try not to let my inner sixteen-year-old angsty girl out should the black-ness win.


  1. This is better. Easier to read. Not so dark, and the background reminds me of your owl bag :P I don't know if the font's changed for the title of your blog, but it fits really well with the entire theme of the redesign.

  2. you already know what I think I like the new look thumbs up