Friday, December 3, 2010

Letters to myself. Pt. 1

Dear Past Me,

I thought at 23 and my infinite wisdom, it’d be nice to enlighten you on the future. Sadly, I don’t have lottery numbers or a time machine or anything else that’d make us money but I figure a few ideas of how to be happier would benefit you--well me...


Yeah. Even at 23, we’re still pretty damn self centred.

Anyways, enough about present me. This is about you:

At 16 you’ll meet a boy. He’ll break your heart---Only let him do it the once.

Stop caring so goddamn much what other people think. Either they’ll like you or they won’t. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

Try some colour. It’ll look good on you. The emo thing is awfully overrated anyways. You’ll feel foolish later.

However---keep those fishnets. You still look sexy in them.

Your best friend will meet a boy, her first boyfriend. Lighten up on the kid. He’ll turn out to be one of -your- best friends. He may say stupid things sometimes, he may act a little weird and you’ll still feel like she’s abandoning you but trust me. He’s a good kid. Get to know him a little better.

At your third job you’ll meet a guy. You’ll be bored, hurt and want to be distracted. Don’t use him. It’s not worth the month of distraction.

Trust me.

School will feel stupid pointless. Don’t give up on it and don’t act like a snot. Learn all you can and try your hardest despite the fact you feel trapped and like a dog jumping through hoops.

Start writing and don’t ever stop. It’ll save you and you’ll love it. Don’t let the drama of what happens with it tinge your love for it.

The sooner you stop letting people walk over you, the faster you stand up for yourself and the quicker you are to let people go and to let them do their own thing, the happier you’ll be. It may seem selfish at the time but it’s really going to protect yourself from a lot.

You’ll meet a guy named S. He’s wise as hell. Let him in, trust him and he’ll get you through many, many years.

Being a geek is actually endearing. Don’t worry so much about it and embrace it. You’ll eventually find people who’ll share these interests. Get involved early so you don’t feel so left out later on.

A band called Florence and the Machine will come to town. BUY TICKETS.

Later than you’ll like, you’ll meet a guy named C. He’ll be the perfect first boyfriend you never had. Please stop worrying so much about it and enjoy it while it lasts.

Try to stay in touch with the people who come in and out of your life. That said, learn to let go.

Learn to save and learn early. It'll be worth it, despite the short time downfalls.

But keep your chin up. You’ll get through whatever life throws at you. Don’t forget you--well, we are pretty awesome. Learn, love, stop being so damn scared and embrace life.

It does get better.

Love always,

Present Jubers. xo

PS. Invest early and invest a lot into Google. 


  1. Love it. You have all the necessary wisdom wrapped up in this letter. Can I simply just refer you to this page if ever need be? :P

  2. One more thing you should add to that from future Jullin: buy Angus and Julia stone tickets!