Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is a lesson in procrastination

After some initial set backs--for reasons too emo to get into around these parts (yes, I try to play the part of the sane, semi-self confident girl. It’s the interwebs, I can totally lie and get away with it), I decided this weekend would be a good time to get back involved with my portfolio and get my ass in gear.

Only problem is the project(s) I had started just didn’t hold the same kind of interest for me--this isn’t to say I’m not going to finish them. I want to see both through because I honestly think they’re kinda neat projects (if I do pat myself on the back). However, I figured that maybe getting involved in things that weren’t... left on the best of the terms wasn’t the best idea so I kinda just started a new project. Totally, completely without any planning.

How very un-me non?

Anyways, I haven’t had the chance to really do this, but thought it’d be cool to see the project from start to finish. Yes, it’s a simple design but I kinda like that about it.

Materials: felt, cardstock paper (white) and coloured pencils. 

The beginning. Started off in pencil to get a feel for the space and what I had to work with and then coloured over in felt. 

Felted version completed.

Started colouring around the swirls in a couple of different colours. Dark outlines with lighter inside.

More colouring.

Drew long strikes across each circle with a white pencil, slightly smudging and fading parts of the circles.

Finished project.

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