Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spill out your heart sister, show me your passion.

So it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon. The perfect type of day to curl up on the couch and preferably watch some sappy movies with that someone special. Sadly, I don’t have I figure I’ll write the perfect Saturday lazy afternoon post.

You’ve seen these around, a slightly upgraded version of those emails we use to send around when we were in high school: twenty things you probably don’t know about me. Hey, at least it’s not one of those “surveys” because do you really care if I prefer coke to pepsi? Come on.

So without further ado:

Twenty-five things you (probably) don’t know about me.

1. My birth name actually isn’t Jullin.

2. I secretly love Kelly Clarkson and her music. (Since you’ve been gone... I can breathe for the first time...)

3. The sweetest thing a guy could do for me is bring me my favourite coffee order without having to be asked or told. Just that he’d know me that well to remember it all.

4. I haven’t travelled outside of Canada (except for one time when I was 3 or 4)

5. My first kiss was at 17. I think it was after being thought of being a “late bloomer” that I stopped having an age when the steps in my romantic life should occur, ie. married by thirty, divorced by forty five :P

6. There isn’t one mood that would ever mean I wouldn’t want to listen to Brand New. (And generally if I’m having a bad day or in a funk or just upset, Brand New is my go-to band. There is never a moment that could not be summed up better than them.)

7. When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a chiropractor. (And I never dreamed of being a starlet, dancer or singer.)

8. I have never really asked my mom about my father. I also don't have any sort of inclination to know that much about him. People find that weird but I never thought of him as a part of my life, nor a piece of me, nor something to worry or question about. It happened. The end.

9. I’m 100% more comfortable with my body right now than I was when I was a size 6. (That’s not to say I’m 100% comfortable with my body, just more so than I was)

10. One of my biggest regrets is loosing focus on writing and I think that given the choice, I’d go back to being in that same state that I was in when I was able to write everything out.

11. I’m afraid that I will never have an original thought.

12. With the notable exception of two people, I haven’t had a close, tight friendship/relationship with someone for more than a year, year and a half tops.

13. I can’t keep a secret and generally have at least one person I tell everything to.

14. It was at the age of 8 I decided I didn’t want kids. (And pretty much been that was ever since. One big fear of mine is that my biological clock will kick in and all of a sudden that’s what I’ll want--hopefully given that my biology in that department is already fucked up it wont happen though :))

15. I’m worried about having the taste of a 16 year old (and I kinda love owning up to that)

16. As gross as this might be, I kinda love peeling dead skin off my feet. In a pretty related note, I also loved sticking glue to my hands and peeling it off.

17. I wish I had the friends who’d plan a surprise party for me.

18. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use straws to drink hot drinks at Starbucks.

19. When I love a song I tend to get obsessed with it and play it over and over again on repeat for days on end until I generally get sick of it--or find another song to be obsessed with.

20. I'd be a workaholic if I could. It's actually probably what I'd want to be when I grow up, which is made all the more amazing when you think of how much I procrastinate and hate my job.

21. I read my horoscope daily (although, I rarely follow it and I generally read more than one).

22. My guilty pleasure is to take personality quizzes to see what they say about me.

23. I'm slightly jealous that my ex is taking his fiance to Germany for his family vacation and he couldn't even tell his parents about me. And that he gets to go on all sorts of trips, despite not doing anything with his life. (I never said I was a big person.)

24. I hate not finishing a chapter in a book when I'm reading. I like to have the volume set to a number in multiple of fives. I like when things line up. I may have a slight form of OCD. 

25. My spirit animal is a porcupine.

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