Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hearts break too fast, when they're sentimental

I've never been one for Valentine's Day. 

Even when I was younger and Christmas, Easter, Halloween brought magic and wonder... Valentine's Day never held that appeal. I never expected candy, flowers, a card from my significant others--rightly so apparently as I never got that.

Nah, I was also one to vocal my disdain for the 'holiday'. I mean, the only person who would really ever be my Valentine--well on a consistent basis anyways, was my mother. She was the only one who would make an effort (aside from last year when C made an effort to cook a lovely dinner.)

What I mean to say is that I talked a big game. I bought into the typical cynicism of today's youth and wrote it off as a corporate holiday basically there to make singles feel like crap and significant other's obligated to top one another with decadent items. Champagne, rose pedals, sexy underwear, chocolate body paint, bubble baths--on a good day half of that stuff doesn't appeal to me let alone on a day that I'm expected to buy into this idea of what is considered "romance". 

So I guess I was surprised as anyone when I started to plan out ideas for Valentine's Day. I mean, colour me shocked... I truly did believe in all that I spouted when the time came for someone to ask me about Valentine's day. I was never disappointed or shocked when boyfriends of yesterday didn't make an effort. 

Romance, to me, has always been about the small things. 

I always loved the unexpected days or even moments of romance. Finding flowers on a bed on a random Thursday. Being asked out because it felt right--not because it was a certain day. A sweet kiss. The car door being held open. A bed being made. Reservations at a favourite restaurant 'just because'. Seducing your significant other because you were in the mood. 

Now--I'm not one to gush... At least so publicly, but I guess things with The Boy are different. He brings out a different side of me, the sentimental side and makes me feel safe to be that goofy romantic sap that is buried deep within me. You know. The one I often try to gag and make sure she never gets out. Sure, we're not having a typical or traditional Valentine's Day--I wouldn't have any of that. However, the chance to show a little love. To show a little affection... 

Sure, why not? 

Maybe romance doesn't just have to be called off because everyone else is celebrating it too. If it is just 'another day' then why not show a little affection his way. 

I know that at the end of the day he'd never laugh at my clumsy attempts at sweetness. He wouldn't chuck a card if I put thought into it. He'd never think something was stupid--or at least he'd never vocalize it to me. Which is why I decided to make him a sort of old fashioned Valentine Day card. Y'know, the type you cut out and do yourself. 

Sure, it's a little different then the doilies and sparkles of grade school days of yore. Meaning of course that there was none of that. Mostly because sparkles are the herpes of the craft world and I didn't feel like brushing them off of me for the next week and I wanted to keep it simple. Simple, clean, cute.

I think this quote from a similar minded writer from one of my favourite websites "the Frisky" managed to sum it up the best:

"For once, I feel excited for Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m expecting a lavish gift, but because I’m with someone I’m looking forward to getting to know much better. Someone whose idea of romance feels perfectly in line with mine. Someone who knows that it’s not about objects or staid gestures you’re supposed to make, but about having an adventure together. I hope this is the first of many."

Fingers crossed that he likes it!
Whether you're single, a couple, a threesome, happy, cynical, a sap...

Happy Valentine's Day.

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