Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanted: New friend. Apply within.


Mature, creative, thoughtful and sensitive twenty something year old seeks new additions to her social circle. Duties of said friend would include: comforting, support, remembering birthdays, the odd tearful phone call at odd hours of the day/night, coffee dates, providing a shoulder to cry on, providing exit strategies for awkward situations, have long, meaningful conversations--and random moments of extreme immaturity and other things that could be included under hanging out aka, shooting the shit.

The successful candidate(s) would be rewarded with a loyal, dedicated and thoughtful friend who is happy to make the friendship a priority. They will also be able to count on the friendship for support, love and know that the more that is put in, the more they will receive. They will be given the opportunity to particpate in various activities, try new experiences as well as earning an albiet bitchy but dedicate support and all around decent person in their life for many years to come.

Plus, I'm kinda a big deal. This could be awesome.


-be able to come up with a witty/scathing/bitchy retort at a moment's notice as the situation requires
-learn and hold to boundaries
-enjoy humor, especially sarcasm, dry and black humors
-have compatible taste
-be willing to try new things
-not overrule every conversation/action/plan
-support non judgemental and be able to be happy for other's successes as well as be a goddamn decent human being
-be able to handle periods of anti-socialism on my behalf
-be able to have an opinion and argue said opinion
-be able to handle changes of subjects with little to no notice
-compatibility with other people in my life
-the ability to add to as well as the appreciation/tolerance of a cynical, bitchy and in the rare moments of genius, witty commentary on life
-not be a snob at me, only be a snob with me towards other, lesser people


-an appreciation of such cinematic gems as: Lord of the Rings, Serenity, anything Joss Whedon really, Star Trek and Devil Wears Prada
-the ability to understand the terms "I'm such a Miranda" "keep it secret, keep it safe" and "NEARLY HEADLESS?! How can you be nearly headless???" and bonus points for: "That's the problem.."
-the ability to drive, car is also nice but not necessary but the willing to pick up our transit bound girl is a MUST (only if you drive, I'm not that demanding--well not all the time)
-dog friendly
-a love of Starbucks
-the same style and ability to swap clothes/give styling tips
-brunch friendly
-a significant other for double dates
-varied tastes and open to sharing new bands, foods, venues, hobbies, etc
-alcohol friendly

This position is available ASAP. If you are qualified for this role and feel that this would be a good fit for you, please contact poster with the appropriate contact information.

Please note that while we thank all applicants for their interest, only a select few will be contacted.

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