Sunday, August 22, 2010

"I'd rather hit my mom than fuck my mom"

I’m not really sure if this is the best way to start off this whole guilty pleasure thing because to be honest, ‘1 girl, 5 gays’ is probably one of my favourite television shows out there and I’m not sure if it’s that---guilty per say.
However, would I admit to watching the show to a total stranger or someone I was trying to impress? Probably not. And it’s not the show’s fault really. I mean, without seeing the show it’s straight up easy to judge. From the name to describing it as a ‘sorta reality television show on MTV Canada’ and they’re already writing you off for watching a gay version of the Hills or Jersey Shore.

That being said, without a doubt it’s one of my favourite shows on television right now and possibly ever. It’s an interesting dynamic, getting a bunch of charismatic and opinionated guys together and discussing sometimes silly and sometimes thought provoking ideas and questions. Plus it started possibly one of my favourite things that I do with my own friends: 21 questions. It’s sort of the same idea, although with close friends and in a smaller group. We just end up asking each other questions, sometimes our own and sometimes ones from the show. It often leads to some random tangents and really makes you get to know someone better, and the funny thing is, it’s always some random throw away question that really surprises you.

Anyways, back to the show. I remember first seeing the television listing for it and having the same prejudice that most people would seeing that type of name. A porno? On MTV Canada? Well, it was late enough--I think around 10 or 11 pm in Vancouver but still, didn’t think MTV did that type of thing. Well, it was a Friday night (yeah, I’m such a party animal, hanging out with my television on a Friday night) and nothing else was on so I thought I’d tuned in.

Then I proceeded to download every episode I could off MTV’s website.

The premise is quite simple. Get together five gay guys from Toronto with a MTV host, super gorgeous Aliya Jasmine and give them 20 questions about love and sex. Each question is introduced with a little skit and then the boys have at ‘er.

I think what makes this show work so well is obviously the people on it. Like I said, everyone on that show is charismatic in some sense and they’re all very opinionated. What I love is the dynamic that you have these six people (yes, of course I count my recent girlcrush Aliya Jasmine) who are all very different but that’s what makes it great. They argue, they disagree, they laugh, joke, tease and obviously love. It’s like being at a dinner party with actually interesting people.

So I thought that to finish this off, I’d do my own take of a copy of the questions taken from a previous showing. While it may not be as interesting as some of the guys’ answers it still gives you a little taste of what it’s like. And hey, maybe you’ll learn a little bit more about me.

Do you read missed connections?

Not very often, I’ll sometimes browse the ones at the back of the Georgia Straight if I’m bored or on Craigslist. However I always found the sex ads to be way funnier.

How do you feel about watching a partner go to the bathroom?

I’ll admit I’m not necessarily the most comfortable with it but I guess it’s a sign of intimacy and comfort level with your partner? Although I do find that the guys are always way more comfortable with giving ‘er than I am. I think that even with my most recent ex, I’d still kick him out if he was in the bathroom and I was definitely the most comfortable with him than any other relationship.

Have you ever cried over a celebrity death?

Nope. Can’t say that I have. I remember where I was when Princess Di died and how shocked everyone around me was. I guess I wasn’t old enough to really realize what an impact it’d be on the world. And while I was a child of the 80s, I was at most 3 and my mother has never been a big Michael Jackson fan so I guess I never really had any sort of attachment to what is arguably the death which would have the most impact on my generation. Sorry Brittany Murphy.

Have you ever played Chat Roulette?

Negative. I think I actually learned what it was from this show, although I had heard the term thrown around a couple of times.

Have you ever been having sex and wished you could fake an orgasm?

Hahaha. I guess sometimes, when I know that nothing will happen but my partner insists to keep going until I finish? I’ve only faked a couple of times but I’m a horrible liar so I prefer to not attempt it.

How do you feel about people who settle down with their first sexual partner?

Personally I couldn’t imagine doing it myself. I really think that people should get out there and explore all types of different and interesting things, love and sex included. Although I can’t say what is right for one person, in my experience I think it’s hard to limit yourself so early in life. And hell, when I think about it, I think it’s mostly because I had such a horrible first experience that I couldn’t imagine settling down with that person.

Anderson Cooper vs Neil Patrick Harris (who would you do)

NPH without a doubt. Dr. Horrible, Barney, NPH, need I say more? No. I didn’t think so.

Have you ever known anyone who has been rufied?

While I wasn’t personally at the club (again, read above: super party animal) a friend  of mine was with a mutual acquaintance and we think that she was drugged. Thankfully that friend was there and able to take care of everything. I was only the phone call to check funds for a hotel room.

Have you ever googled a guy before a first date?

Nope. I did google my dungeon master before first game though. True story.

Have you ever fantasized about someone other than your partner while you were having sex?

Can’t say that I have. Mostly because I’m more focused on the act than my partner.

Would you be able to date a recovering addict?

Never say never but probably not. I think I have enough emotional baggage for a relationship without someone else having something THAT huge adding into it but again, it really depends on the person and how they handle things. It’s definitely not a deal breaker in my books.

How did you parents discipline you?

Thankfully I wasn’t really a horrible kid. I mostly stayed inside and watched television or read books or did homework so the discipline was kinda few and far between. I guess the most was getting sent to my room. I mean, hard to ground a kid who stays home all the time anyways.

Have you ever dated someone you felt was too good for you?

I think, being that super insecure person, that at one point or another every guy I dated felt too good for me. However, thankfully I feel a little more equal on more days as the guys I date become less crazy.

Martha Stewart vs Rachel Ray (Who would you do?)

Martha Stewart. It’s a good thing.

What’s the most memorable screen kiss?

Ugh. This is going to sound pretty damn cheesy but probably the Notebook? I’m sorry, I’m a sucker for that movie. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, two of the topmost people on my crush list, kissing in the rain? All over that.

In your life so far, what has been your greatest accomplishment?

I guess just the confidence thing. In high school I was a very different person and I think I’ve come a long way since being sixteen and oh so emo. I’ve tried really hard on working on self confidence and my self image as well as working on my relationships. Even if in recent weeks it feels like I’m back there, I know that it’s not true and I’ve come a long way.

I have never been, but would love to be with a guy who (blank)

Is established/accomplished. I know, I date guys my age and at 23 I’m not exactly finished my life or figured out a career. However, it’d be nice to be taken care of and have someone who knew what they wanted and where they were going. Maybe especially since I don’t have a clue.

How did you feel after your last one night stand?

Well at first I tried to play it cool. It was my first one night stand--unfortunately I didn’t know it was going to be one so.. yeah. That was awkward. And then the guy was such an asshole about it so I felt pretty dirty afterwards. Being called a whore doesn’t really do much for the ego.

If after three months of dating, your partner discovered he had cancer... what would you do?

Oh god, I don’t know. I’d hope that I knew enough about that person to be able to make a definite decision. I guess I’d have to have a long talk with people and him and decide from there. I guess, try to make it work seems to be coming to mind but again, depends on the situation.

And that's that. However you can catch some actually interesting answers here on the MTV website. Old episodes, blog posts, pictures.

Above photo taken from 1 Girl, 5 Gay's facebook page.

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