Monday, April 9, 2012

Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments

Procrastination seems to be the name of the game lately.

With school winding down, a new job to hunt for and multiple promises to “hang out sometime” with various friends that I’ve been avoiding for the past 8 months, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. So, in typical me fashion, I’ve decided to add more on my plate instead of dealing with what’s already there. It’s like peas, maybe if I ignore them long enough they’ll disappear??

Smart, I know.

However, summer is dropping hints and beckoning me with promises of BBQs, beaches and booze—it’s like the 90s teen movie life I’ve never had! I’m only so strong. Don’t judge me!
And as summer calls, I can feel the urge to start over and begin again. As with previous summers, I’ve decided to draft up my summer to-do list. And probably as with previous summers, I’ll only accomplish 1/3 of it but that is beside the point. Stop judging me!

What are we without our traditions amiright?!

So without further ado, I give to you my Annual Summer To Do List (Hey, it’s the first time I can actually call it this).

1. Take more pictures!

With Facebook I feel it’s that much easier to show off your life. I realize that the grass is always greener on the other side, but I always feel like my life looks so much sadder than those of my friends (and of course, more importantly, my old high school/current frenemies & ex boyfriends). Where are my awesome instagram’d hipser photos at concerts? Where’s my drunk pictures at wild costume parties? The pictures of me making friends with a stripper? Well, for one, none of those things ever happened. But two, I barely ever document my outings. What if one time our Dungeons and Dragons session takes an unexpected but AWESOME turn? What if that one outing down to the Aquarium has us running into crazy shenanigans?! 

How am I ever going to prove to those bitches that I'm so much more awesome than them!?

Am I being shallow? Yes. Probably.

But do I also want to be able to flip through an awesome scrapbook/photo collage when I’m old(er) and cannot remember shit? Yes!

2. Work out at least once per week.

If I want to be in those pictures, bitch need to look good. Time to shed those freshman 15 (does it still count if you only do an 8 month program? Shut up, I don't even want to know!)

3. Make a friend with a stranger.

Not like the ‘come into my windowless white van’ types. Please.

What I mean is that as I grow older I find that it’s harder to make friends. Wow, that doesn’t make me sound like a loser at all! Ugh, what I REALLY mean is that as you grow older the opportunities to meet new people come few and far between. When you’re younger there’s school, after school jobs (that don't mean much beyond getting vodka money), other friends, parties. However as you grow older people seem to drift off, careers and families become more important and I really would like to nail down some lifers before that happens to me.

4. Give blood.

As a kid my mother often gave blood and I always vowed that once I was old enough I’d give blood. Obviously it was more for the awesome juice and free cookies than the helping other people but now I'm more balanced--I'm in it for both. However, I’m almost 25 and still haven’t gotten around to it.


5. Try a new food.

Over the past few years I’ve started to grow out of my picky eater phase—although, I still have many dislikes. Bananas, I’m looking at you. We'll never be friends. 

6. Purchase a crazy shade of lipstick and wear it at least once a week for a month—or wear make up once a week every week.

This seems pretty easy, but really I’ve always admired girls who take bold fashion choices. While I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with style choices I’m certainly no where near that boldness when it comes to make-up. My “done” look consists of black/brown eyeliner and mascara. BORING. Time to spice it up with some REDS or PINKS!

If it seems too easy, I think it’ll be worth it to actually doll myself up. I’m definitely one to let that type of thing slide and I think that while I don’t need fake eyelashes and caked on foundation… to feel a little extra pretty? Never a bad thing.

7. Save $1,000 by September.

I feel like I’ve been pretty bad with the spending habits. Being a student is not exactly a glamorous lifestyle but I certainly have been lazy when it comes to saving. My excuse? Well, I don’t have that much money anyways so why bother putting it away? Terrible attitude.

Last year (pre-school) marked the first time that I’ve really been conscious about saving. I wasn’t living paycheque to paycheque and I had a savings account that actually had money in it! I didn’t even touch it that often. I want/need to get back into that.

8. Host a theme party.

With my gasp, 25th birthday coming up this summer I’ve decided that I want to FINALLY throw a theme party of some sort. I haven’t decided what, there are just so many ideas, but theme’d parties always seem so much more glam and fun than regular parties.
Those are just the rules.

9. Send more mail.

I love mail. Seriously, nothing gets me more excited than getting actual mail. It’s one of the many reasons I buy online so much. I really need to share the love.

10. Blog more (i.e. once a week every week).

Oh Blog, I’m sorry for neglecting you. Please let me make it up to you by posting all over you.

As always, here's to a brand new summer, the best summer. Here's to birthdays, BBQ, booze and best friends. To sunshine, summer, swimming and shopping. And hopefully not too many hipster instagram'd photos. <3

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