Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who's your daddy?

Growing up without a father is usually a non-issue. 

When I was younger I had my share of girls--usually new acquaintances, asking me what it was like. However, if you know no different, how can you describe what it's like? I could no more describe what it was like growing up without one as they could describe what it felt to grow up with one. 
Now a days, most people assume from the lack of any mention of a dad that he's not present in my life. No one asks what it's like. Our generation has enough broken homes that I don't think it's needed. Everyone knows at least one person with a single parent, a divorce in the family, a death. 

There's never been a lack of love in my household. My mother was an awesome parent, playing both mother and father. I think in a lot of ways I'm very lucky that I've been able to grow so close to a parent. I've seen some of my friends who still have both and there is definitely a different relationship between them and the one I have with my own mother. 

I've also been lucky that my father has never been in the picture. I have no memories (good or bad), no tug or pull that gives me anything but a brief ideal of what he could be--or should I say, could have been. Again, when I was younger, people often wondered if I'd ever want to meet him, talk to him, become a part of his life. I always shrugged and wrote it off. Why would I want to meet a man who I shared nothing but a biological tie? 

I don't know if I've ever really felt a 'need' for a father. If anything, judging from the examples of fathers I've seen over the years, I may be better off having nothing rather than a shitty one or having and then loosing that a father--in any capacity. You can't miss what you don't have right?

Anyways, in the spirit of Father's day, I thought I'd compile my list of the top three fictional dads. As a pop culture addict, I've seen my share of dads in various programs over the years, both good and bad. However for these guys, no matter their flaws, their love for their daughters is always fierce and strong. If there was ever a time I'd long to have my own, I'd hope he'd be as kick ass as these guys--though maybe not as morally ambiguous as a certain Spy Daddy...

3. Spy Daddy. 

Granted like noted above I may not want someone as morally ambiguous as he is. However, no matter how grey his world may be, no matter what the bottom line was, what lie he told or hell, who he killed, it was always for his daughter.

He may not be the warmest of guys--at least not in the beginning, however you cannot doubt Spy Daddy's kick ass-ness. His dry wit, ability to take out my enemies, fierce protection and ability to drive cars and kill bad guys make him one dad ex boyfriends would fear. What more could a girl ask for? 

2. Giles.

Okay, yes yes I know. He wasn't /technically/ her dad but the slayer/watcher relationship is just as strong--hell, probably stronger than the father/daughter bond. 

He guided her, made her stronger and tried to do his best for her, even if it meant leaving her. I know for certain his presence was missed in season 6--for various reasons, however Giles was always there for every one of the Scooby Gang and certainly a hell of a lot more supportive than Joyce ever was. 
Giles knew that sometimes being a hero means you're not liked but you still do the right thing anyways. Buffy didn't always agree with his actions, but she knew she'd be able to count on him at the end of the day and that's the important thing.

Plus he can sing!

1. Keith Mars. 

Wicked smart. Hilarious. Goofy. Adoring. Supportive. Loyal. All words that make up a great dad and the awesome Keith Mars embodies them all. Despite never buying his daughter a pony, Keith Mars made up for it in so many ways.

His love, support, understanding and loyalty have always made him a great father figure but I think it's the whip smart, sarcastic and witty plays on words that really make him the best dad on tv. You can obviously see where Veronica gets her humour and snark from. Passing down the good genes? You're doing it right. 

Note: Both videos aren't available to embed so you'll have to click here and here for some Keith Mars in action. 

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