Saturday, March 12, 2011

You painted a picture so graphic.

This shouldn't be so hard. It's a simple thing after all.

But in typical fashion I'm making this into a much bigger deal than needs to be. Sitting here for the past couple of hours, sifting through various designs, colours, artists, sizes...

It's enough to make me want to throw my monitor against a wall. 

Ugh. Finding the right wallpaper seems to be an almost impossible task. 

I tend to use the same wallpapers for long periods of time, simply because I hate trying to find something different. You'd think it wouldn't matter too much. I mean, I generally have windows up so the desktop itself is very rarely seen. You'd think I could slap just about any image up there and I probably wouldn't see it for a couple of months. 

But nope. 

And every time I feel like I need to change it, it becomes at least an hour long hunt to find something suitable. Movie posters, game pictures, typography, photography, graphic design, calendars... I comb through it all and almost everything is discarded. Wrong size, wrong colours, oh this one is nice if only this part wasn't there...

The other problem is that I currently have three desktops in use that I see on an almost constant basis. Do I really want to see the same picture at every screen I'm using? Plus, given the location of a couple of the screens, is every picture I look at "work appropriate" or "mother appropriate". Not saying I'd have a giant pair of tits on my monitor if I could--sorry boys, but it's also something I don't want to get in trouble for (work) or have to explain (my mother). 

So here I am, Saturday night and sifting through another group of pictures. I suppose if there was every an inspiration to start playing with photoshop, this would be it. 

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