Saturday, September 18, 2010

The time has come for colds and overcoats; We're quiet on the ride; we're all just waiting to get home

While summer may technically be over September 22nd, I’m pretty sure most people call it’s time of death after the long weekend.

Which, of course, is fine by me.
I love autumn and practically everything that comes with it. I know Vancouverites often complain about the rain and the grey weather, but honestly, after a summer of having NOTHING by sun, I’m happy for the change. I’m ready for jeans, boots, sweaters, scarves, cute jackets, fall premieres, warm drinks. The works. And while, yes, a big part of me is sad that I’m not joining the classrooms of kids in school with their text books and their number two pencils I know that I’m definitely not in the right frame of mind to focus on something like that.

However, one thing that does come to a close with the start of September is my Summer To-Do list. As in past years (yeah, all one of them) I didn’t manage to cross everything off. Although I like to chalk this up to the fatigue I generally get myself into around August, when the heat is unbearable and tiresome and any excitement or promise has worn off.

So I though it’d be fun to really look back at the list, something that I started with this blog and just look at what I’ve accomplished and what will be planned for the coming year to hopefully cross a few more things off. Maybe next year, a whole new list will come around.

10. Read 20 books by September.

I did manage to squeeze in the original goal of 15 and while it seemed like an easy enough feat, I did find it was a little hard to fit in 15 books despite the many months that I had to accomplish it.

Working with your best friend can be great a lot of the time--but it does tend to eat up your lunch hour which I’ve always dedicated to reading in the past. I suppose that’s help cut down on my ability to “whip” through novels. That, and a lack of inspiration. I’ve enjoy a lot of books in the past but I haven’t been emotionally tied or invested in one for a bit. I blame a little bit of a funk in general but I’m still looking for something to sweep me off my feet. My next Time Traveler’s Wife or Eat, Pray, Love or anything by Patricia Briggs and Tanya Huff.


9. Learn to cook a fancy dessert.

Well, this would have been lovely had I not decided to give up processed sugar. I’ll wait while you wipe the shocked look off your faces. Yeah, I know people would ask why but unfortunately it wasn’t completely my choice. I’m allergic to sugar so it’s more of a health issue than anything else and while yes, it’s manageable it’s also still a pain in the ass. Sure, I can learn to cook a dessert using substitutions but it’s not quite as easy. Maybe I’ll start on something savory first.

8. Get involved with/start my own Dungeon and Dragons campaign/meditate

Well DnD lasted a couple of weeks but after a bit of fits and starts I found that it ate up too much of my time. I really enjoyed the time I spent investing in this story and all the people involved were great, I just didn’t find the same passion or joy. I suppose it didn’t help that despite consistently showing up for a month I still felt like an outsider--but maybe as in any geeky, I’ll never quite fit in.

Meditation is always something I turn to in times of need and I always manage to loose focus and drive to complete it after I get what I want from it. I know it’s horrible and with a new dedication to better living, I’m hoping to go back to it but the fact of the matter is that I love catching up on television shows and taking an extra hour to go to bed always seemed to eat up my evening just a little too quickly.

And please, me? Get up an hour early? Not gonna happen.

7. Take up photography.

Well. Technically that did happen but not for too long. Which is really no one’s fault, just the friend who was helping me--and had the equipment and eye for that type of thing had things happen in their own life. With no camera of my own, it can be a little tough to take pictures. But we’ll see. Once financials are more stable I’ll look into saving one on my own. Then hopefully you’ll be inundated with crappy amateur photographs.

6. Get my priest and death knight to level 80.

Booya. Done. And they’re both tough, kick ass bitches.

5. Figure out school/Apply for school.

While I managed to have several freak outs involved with this, I think I have it vaguely under control. Although, with it being a year away from now I’m sure I’ll change my mind five times between now and then. We’ll see.

I’m hoping that by the time Spring rolls around and it’s time to actually apply and register, my anxiety surrounding this will simmer down and I can focus on doing a good job. I may have originally wanted to go back for graphic design but I think the best bet here is to go something a little safer and then do something for passion. I’m not always one to just jump into something, so a bit of a support system in place may be the way to go.

4. Get a piercing/tattoo.

Well. I did make the appointment with the tattoo artist and got poked with no major skin irritations. I think that things will be fine but I’ll put off my tattoo until after the rest of my health has been stabilized. With possible minor surgery in the not too distant future and my skin being as fussy as it has been, there’s no need to add unnecessary possible issues to that.

3. Finish my collage/different art piece/finish my portfolio.


Well sorta.

While the portfolio never managed to get finished, I’m hoping that once I’m not so driven or focused on it and obsessing over every little thing it’ll come a little more easy. Now that I’ve made my mind up about going back to school for something relatively “safe” I think that I can open myself up to better inspiration--or y’know, something that sounds a little less dumb/artistic.

2. Get my passport.

Second year in the row that I’ve manage to put this off. Someone book a trip for me and kick my ass into gear. Something manages to come up and I can always find an excuse as to why I shouldn’t bother.

1. Maintain a blog.

Well, I’ve managed it. Sure, some of it was rocky and a lot of the times it didn’t adhere to my once a week schedule but I’ve really enjoyed this little thing. I love expressing myself through writing and while it was pretty amateur at first I can definitely see the progress and the improvement in quality.

That’s not to say I’ll be writing for the New Yorker at any point but I hope it’s not too awful to get through.

I really want to say thank you to the people who’ve been with me from the first post. The friends who’ve pushed me to maintain this, who’ve left comments, who’ve always had an opinion or criticism for me, who’ve wanted me to improve and grow. The people who check on their own, without me having to ask. The people who support, love and are there for me. From the bottom of this cold, dead, black heart... thank you.



  1. "You are the girl with a black heart. You are the stars. You are the girl with a bright light
    I see it shine"

    Congrats on accomplishing quite a bit this summer.

    So I was thinking. For the most awesome of gifts (you know which one I'm talking about) that you should have had by now, did you want to go halfsies? If you buy from Black's Photography, they offer some basic courses in DSLR operation and what not. Also, apparently Nikon offers much better warranty than Canon. Then again, you're a Nikon girl :P


  2. Is this cause you want an page? :P

  3. Stil got the old Canon point and shoot if necessary :P And no. I'm tired of waiting. I'm on the brink of buying the whole thing for you myself. Though not the kind with the little screen at the top you like. That's pricey. The Nikon D7000 was just announced and is probably gonna be ~$1000. The D90 (D7000 predecessor) should come down in price but I'm not sure about getting a new on, a used one or getting you a new D5000. The D5000 is sans the small screen and only uses AF-S lenses. It can use the regular lenses too with an adapter I believe but you won't get autofocus. At least that's what I understand. example:
    Doesn't it look so crazy hipster-ish?!? He's one of the editors from that I read, listen to their podcast and watch their show.

  4. you also forgot to mention how epic'd out your priest is :P