Saturday, April 24, 2010

Progress Report, Mr. Spock

Well it’s been almost a month since I started this little blog. And in the beginning (cause obviously that was SO long ago), I made a list of things to do for the summer.

Now, granted, summer isn’t even here but I’m still working on this list. And yes, even changing a couple of things. But don’t worry---I’m not pussying out. These are actually HARDER things to do. Yeah, I’m crazy. Don’t remind me.

So updated list of things to do is as follows (and any progress report I can make on them):

1. Maintain a blog.

Well duh. Still on here.

I’ve actually been surprised on my ability to not delete everything every time I post something--then again, it’s only been a month. There’s only one post that I’ve been kinda iffy on (props to those of you who can guess it) but honestly, this is a lot of fun. I was at coffee with a friend of mine and when I told him I started a blog he was less than shocked. Always figured I’d get into it. I guess I’m just in the point in my life where it’s... not wanting to be profound or interesting, just me.

2. Get my passport.

Finish my collage/different art piece. Finish portfolio.

Okay, I’m going to say this is the biggest change thus far. I did finish my collage. Not the original one I was doing as it looked crap on my canvas, but a smaller one. However---I’m actually making this into a portfolio for school.

Yeah. I’m going back to school.

I found a program I really want to get into. Only catch is that I need a 15-20 page portfolio to get in. I’m scared as hell but it’s a definite work in progress. I shall post some of the things I finish as I finish them. Right now I’m mostly in the planning stage. Hoping to get into the April 2011 class so it gives me some time to save up money.

4. Get a piercing/tattoo

Well this hasn’t happened mostly due to lack of fundage. Damn you taxes! But I’ve looked into cost and I know what I want to get. I’ll try to get some pictures up. Also, I’ll probably go look into tattoos when M gets her’s done. I’ve picked out the picture but it’s still iffy whether my skin will accept the ink. Cross your fingers!

5. Figure out school Apply for school.

See above. This is kinda self explanatory.

6. Get my priest and death knight to level 80.

Well priest is done. Yay! I was rather excited. So much so that I called X about it. He was a little--uh, I was kinda expecting a text but this is cool too. But the only problem with this is that it’s not so much an end as a beginning so it seems. I mean, now we get to talk about what gear to get, what heroics to do, if I want to join a guild, etc etc. I guess I should seriously consider if I want to get into hardcore raiding or not. I barely have enough time in my life to do other things, let alone add 2-3 raid times into that. We’ll see. I’d make a wicked DPS. ;)

7. Take up photography.

It works for numbers 3 and 5 so I’ve been looking into it. C has been perfectly lovely and taken me out once. Sadly it was raining so it was cut short but going tomorrow so hopefully Vancouver doesn’t disappoint me and give me the weather that everyone is predicting. Come on, if the Canucks can win you can give me a sunny weekend!

8. Get involved with/start my own Dungeon and Dragons campaign. Mediate once a day for the 6 I believe weeks that is recommended.

Meditation was always something that I thought would help me with my stress and anxiety. (For those who don’t know me, along with being neurotic, I’m also a big stress/anxiety ball.) Now, I know it’s a rather big jump to go from table top roleplaying to meditation and yoga but it’s just one of those things. D&D would take up A LOT of time from working on this portfolio, so maybe once things have finished with that I’ll look into starting my own campaign. This isn’t to say I won’t look into getting into a game, it’s just--with how things have been going, it doesn’t seem likely.

Yeah, even geeks are clique-y. It’s annoying.

9. Learn to cook a fancy dessert.

Yeah, I know. You volunteer to help me with that. ;)

Don’t worry there will be pictures eventually!

10. Read 15 20 books by September.

Currently at 3/20. Yeah, I’m a slow reader. And I realized that if I want to read 50 books by March I should at least up this number slightly. Should probably be closer to 25 but I rather not overwhelm myself at the moment.

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