Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's just a little crush; Not like I faint every time we touch

Urban Dictionary describes girl crushes as: “feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.”

Remember that episode of Friends with the “freebie five”? It was comprised of a list of five “unattainables” or more likely, celebrities that you could shag without the usual consequences from your significant other. Y’know, if the opportunity presented itself.

Well, I understand that not everyone would have such a list, plenty of people that I know don’t have their cranks turned by those in Hollywood. No problem. I, however, have always managed to have a significant list, both listing guys and girls. Hell, I generally have a Freebie Five for each gender.

Girl crushes for me have been a part of my life since my early teens after watching Resident Evil for the first time and being smitten by Milla Jovovich’s savviness with a shotgun. It didn’t stop there, after a viewing of Fifth Element she had pretty much guaranteed a spot in my heart--despite subsequent Resident Evil movies and that awful UltraViolet.

Since then not much has changed. Milla Jovovich may not be on that list anymore (although, she may still be easy on the eyes) but a lot of the girls I list have similar things in common---brunettes (or at least non-blondes), smart, sassy, sarcastic, strong and obviously gorgeous. I suppose you could say if there were any traits that I value both in myself and in people around me, those would be them.

So I thought it’d be fun, with my recent viewing of Easy A and newest girl crush, Emma Stone to take a look at my current listing. Now, just to clarify this is a listing of girl crushes who have survived more than one movie. I may end up smitten with a girl after watching her in a television series or in a movie but these girls have upheld their girl crush status for one movie or more. So you won’t necessarily find Kristen Bell here, an ex girl crush whose recent turns in terrible chick flicks like When In Rome and rumored bad attitude have temporarily banned her from this list (but Veronica Mars, you’ll always be in my heart!) and you won’t find Jessi Cruickshank or Mila Kunis here just yet, while I adore them I don’t know if they’re quite at this level--or at least not at top five.

But don’t worry, I’d like to hope you don’t think I’m the type of girl to look towards People Magazine or Maxim for my standard of beauty. These are girls who aren’t always in the tabloids, they’re not going to be in the newest Twilight (god, I hope not) and maybe they don’t have the biggest draw, but I still adore them nonetheless.

Emma Stone

The newest addition to my girl crush list.

While she may have garnered some attention in Superbad, it definitely wasn’t until Zombieland before a full blown crush was created. I remember walking out of that theatre smitten with her smokey voice, the badass swagger and most of all, that she didn’t necessarily need Eisenberg’s character to come save her. She handle herself---y’know, with a little help of her little sister and of course, a shot gun. (I apparently love a girl who can handle her firearms.)

In a sea of typical twenty-something year old actors, Emma Stone stands out. From that voice, to the red hair, to the easy charm, the charisma and the sense of intelligence she pulls off, she has managed thus far to not become some tabloid fodder. She hasn’t been stuck in rehab, seems to be making smart career movies and seems to have the long lasting potential to become another Natalie Portman or Kiera Knightly.

That isn’t to say she’s anything like those two. She has her own style, her own sense of strength and as Easy A showcased, she can carry a film all by herself.

And of course, beyond all that if you wanted to capture why she’s so damn adorable, there’s this:

Natalie Portman.

Sure, it’s well known that she’s gorgeous. She has that timeless beauty and classic beauty of an old Hollywood starlet, the Audrey Hepburn of our generation. She may end up being in that People’s magazine I was talking about, but there’s definitely more to her than just Star Wars and Garden State.

I love the fact that she was brave enough to shave her head for V for Vendetta. That fragile, delicate beauty and vulnerability she showed in Closer. For the spunky turn she had in that SNL digital short. The fact she’s so dedicated to being a Vegan and so outspoken about the fact. She may not be as accessible or as someone you could see yourself getting a couple of drinks and gossiping like boys with, she’s someone who has this very subtle strength, this versatility that has managed to make her such a house hold name.

Plus, making out with potential top five Mila Kunis---hot!

I'm hearing this... and I want to be hearing this.
Emily Blunt.

Emily Blunt will always have my heart after watching her in Devil Wears Prada. ‘Nuff said.

Lizzy Caplan.

Although Cloverfield, Mean Girls and True Blood helped keep this girl crush alive, it really was her role as Kat Warbler in the not very famous and cancelled before it’s time sitcom, the Class that really made me love her. 

She was everything this list has been about. Strong, bitchy, sarcastic, cynical... and yet in rare moments, very sweet and vulnerable. Gorgeous in a unique way, everything about her in that role made me adore her. From her ability to call people on their shit/not give a shit about people’s feelings to her sense of style and her friendship/romantic relationship with Jason Ritter’s character Ethan, she cemented a place in my heart both for the show and for the late Kat Warbler.

On a side note:  Dear Jason Ritter, please find a better television show so I don’t have to continue to suffer through the Event in support of you. Thanks. Love Jubers!

Yes, I realize I'm suppose to have just her but I couldn't resist the squee-worthy ness of this picture. (Yeah, I can be a total sap sometimes. Don't spread it around)

Rachel McAdams.

Hometown girl. Gorgeous. Dated my number one male celebrity: Ryan Gosling. Versatile both in hair colour and roles. Strong. Talented. Smart. Charismatic. Spunky. Adorable. Goofy.

Yes, while most people will chalk up her fame to the Notebook--a movie that I’m not completely ashamed about loving, Rachel McAdams has managed to have a varied career. Managing to be bitchy, determined, sassy, seductive, an every day girl, she’s captured every end of the spectrum--except maybe batshit crazy or totally evil.

She’s managed to lead me to many different movies in my blind crush. Some were good and some were not so good but this crush has stayed long and true for several years now. While yes, I do wish she had some better roles, I think with the recently released Morning Glory she may have found the right path.

And despite the break up of one of the cutest couples in Hollywood, she’ll always be my girl.

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