Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cliche new beginnings.

So without getting into the drama, it's time for a change.

I was never great at New Year's resolutions. To me, I get it. The whole idea of a new year, a new start, a change in the norm. But it's the holidays--and while good or bad, they're always stressful. Last year I had the great idea, driven by another need to switch things up and a random, boring probably Thursday, to have a to-do list for the summer. I wanted it to be the best summer I've had. The warm weather always seemed to bring an excitement and if you wanted to be all metaphorical and shit, you get to shed those heavy layers of winter.

While the summer was fantastic, I met my boyfriend of the time and learned to be in a real relationship as well as branching out, getting involved in things that I always wanted to and expanding my social circle, I didn't necessarily finish everything--a habit that I seem to be unable to get rid of, but it was still a good idea (one of my better ones) and thus I figure with the warm weather returning, my life being shaken up and all that, it'd be a good time to start one.

So without further ado, my top ten list of things to do for the summer 2010:

1. Maintain a blog.

(Obviously not an every day thing. The goal is to post one thing at least once a week. Whether that's a review on a book, a movie, a random thought, an attempt at a prose, whatever. Just to get into the habit)

2. Get my passport.

(This was from last year. I still haven't managed to apply for one but I want one in the hopes of going on a road trip. Sure my original plan didn't exactly pan out, but I can still do the road trip thing)

3. Finish my collage/different art piece.

(Also from last year. I did start it and now it's mocking me in its little corner with it's half finished concept and blank face. This is part to finish it so I actually complete something and also to learn to accept that which I cannot change as well as knowing that sometimes art isn't perfect.)

4. Get a piercing/tattoo.

(With the realization that maybe I -can- decorate my body, I'm definitely jumping on board. I just have to learn to be cautious with this seeing as I have super sensitive skin, well that and lets just say certain people in my life aren't as---open to the idea as others).

5. Figure out school.

6. Get my Priest AND Death Knight to level 80.

(Bet you didn't know I was such a geek ;))

7. Take up photography.

(Also from last year. But now I may actually have an in. And a little push from friends who will actually help me out and be there for me. Novel concept, I know.)

8. Get involved with/start my own Dungeon and Dragons campaign.

9. Learn to cook a fancy dessert (at least one)

(Like a pie from scratch. Or cream puffs. Mmmm. A delicious ambition. Don't worry, I'll make sure that I have the poison control team on stand by)

10. Read 15 books by September

(Part of my attempt at a challenge from one of my favourite blog/online communities. The original challenge was to read 100 books in one year, complete with their own set of rules. Which, good luck trying to do that with a 9-5 job. So I've narrowed it down to 50, still ambitious and with a few tweaks it'll be a challenge all my own--probably more on that later.)

So that's that. A relatively boring list but it's not a bucket list. It was never meant to be. It's just a way for me achieve things. I honestly find that there's not many things more satisfying than crossing off things from a to-do list. So hopefully you'll be reading about how awesome I've been and how many of the many things I've crossed off in the next few months.

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